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Apartments and rooms Lošinj

In private apartments and rooms of gracious families, you will find a relaxed atmosphere and learn about the local customs. The apartments offered for rent are completely furnished.

Hotels Lošinj

Numerous hotels, most often located on the beaches, offer a top-quality vacation with meals and services including trips, entertainment and animation.

Family hotels and boarding-houses, the combination of private and hotel accommodation, with a pleasant atmosphere, provide accommodation with meals at affordable prices.

Lussinpiccolo - Lussino - Mali Losinj

This is one of the most beautiful and the largest island group in the Adriatic, with a total of 36 large and small islands and reefs. The islands of Cres and Losinj, and the city of Mali Losinj in particular, are a unique and imperative destination for tourists that prefer a peaceful vacation in the quiet and authentic seaside atmosphere. Far away from the fast-paced civilization, stressful life and traffic chaos, and yet close and easily reachable, the Losinj and Cres archipelago is a place of unforgettable vacation in the intact nature and with benefits of the clean and crystal clear Adriatic sea. They are justly called "the place you will return to time and time again ".

Cultural attractions and preserved island heritage

There is evidence of human life on the islands of Cres and Losinj dating back to 7,000 BCE. The remains of ancient buildings, numerous Middle Age churches, preserved works of art, settlements and former seafaring and trade centers more than 3,000 years old are attractions of day trips and photo albums upon return from vacation. In the waters of Losinj, an Apoxyomenus, a bronze statue of an athlete in actual size, was found. This is one of the most valuable ancient findings in the world, an original work of the Greek sculpturer Lysippus from 4th ct. BCE. A copy of the statue is exhibited in the museum and gallery of the Venetian Tower in Veli Losinj.

A miraculous medicinal island and a renowned health resort

Natural climatic factors with miraculous medicinal effects can be beneficial to anyone. The medicinal benefits of Losinj climate have been recognized as early as 1890 by renowned medical experts, who started to scientifically explore the island. After several years of research, they proved the medicinal benefits of the Losinj climate. The island of Losinj is a well-known and renowned health resort. It has all the necessary climatic and natural conditions for persons who need to improve their health and recover from stressful surroundings - it is ideal for "recharging the batteries".

Diverse sport and recreation facilities for an active vacation

Sport and recreational centers offer facilities for an active vacation and entertainment. Here you can engage in diving, sailing, boat-driving, surfing, fishing, tennis, football, basketball, and bowling. You can also enjoy attractive horse riding, panoramic flights over the island and mountain-climbing. Jogging, walking and bicycling can be enjoyed on the coastal paths, promenades and woods.

Dolphins of the Losinj maritime zone - a trademark of the island

The waters of Cres and Losinj are a habitat of around 150 dolphins. The most common among them is the so called good porpoise, and the common dolphin. When they are not searching for food, they swim in close groups near the surface, play and perform their famous jumps. They are an unforgettable experience and, as the griffon vultures on Cres, one of the main features of Losinj. It is a well-known fact that dolphins are one of the indicators of the cleanness and low level of pollution of the sea.

The island of Losinj

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As one of the oldest tourist destination in the Adriatic sea, Mali Losinj has been receiving tourists from all parts of the world for more than 125 years.
An abundance of attractive beaches and coves, ideal for bathing and sunbathing, three of them with a "Blue Flag". The clean and clear Adriatic sea is a guarantee of pure pleasure.
With 2,580 hours of sun a year, the islands of Losinj and Cres are one of the sunniest parts in Europe. In 1892, they were officially proclaimed health resorts.
Kilometres of walking paths passing through diverse landscapes give pleasure to all tourists that enjoy taking walks and bicycling in fresh air.
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